Most Anticipated Cinema of 2020

In Kannada film industry 2019 was less hits, but 2020 we have a lot of cinema which created expectation 1.Salaga First time Duniya Vijay directed and acted in a lead role, this created a major hype in KFI and tagaru team complete working for team Salaga like producer, co-director, music director, editor, art director 2.BajarangiContinue reading “Most Anticipated Cinema of 2020”

Ombattane Diku Promising teaser

Dayal’s another flick after Hit of Ranganayaki he is back again with suspence content Ombattane Dikku, Loose Madha Yogi Featuring and Adithi Prabhudeva Darshan lend his voice for this teaser, after watching this teaser will know its very good come back for Yogi, a huge star cast like Sai Kumar ,Amogh, Prashanth Siddhi, Ramesh bhat,Continue reading “Ombattane Diku Promising teaser”