Most Anticipated Cinema of 2020

In Kannada film industry 2019 was less hits, but 2020 we have a lot of cinema which created expectation


First time Duniya Vijay directed and acted in a lead role, this created a major hype in KFI and tagaru team complete working for team Salaga like producer, co-director, music director, editor, art director

2.Bajarangi 2

Hatrick hero shivarajkumar and A.Harsha combination for 3rd time before they did Bajarangi and Vajrakaya, we can expect hatrick from this combination.


It’s Tarun sudhir cinema a Fan showing his hero in Director angle, Dboss Fans have lot of expectation in this cinema, the 2 looks from cinema was in trending at social media.


After a Huge hit of Kotigobba2, Team decided to make part 3 and this script written by kiccha sudeepa, another waiting cinema because sudeep acting and his script..


Kgf took KFI market to next level they are coming again to break all records and to create history..

Yes this year we have these 5 cinemas which have more expectations

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